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Pakpak Bharat has the same health challenges as most near and far away places

North Sumatra

Walking Doctors reconciles technical innovation with what people need and what heath workers do. What began as a program to simplify life-saving medical interventions for health providers of birthing mothers and neonates evolved into an effort to address virtually all conditions that patients suffer. From heart attack to warts we say.

In October 2017, WD began working in the district of Pakpak Bharat (PPB), a remote place in north Sumatera with 50,000 residents. We were invited by Governor or Bupati, Remigo Yolanda Berutu, famous for using innovation to make PPB residents feel like they have at their disposal the resources of the big city.

PPB Health Centers have seen dramatic progressive gains in adherence to evidence-based protocols and consequent improvement in outcomes. In addition, WD systems have paved the way for PPB to be the first public health system in Indonesia to go paperless covering all aspects of care including medical record keeping, pharmacy management, billing, and reporting.  Now the public emergency room is connected. The hospital is next!  Follow our progress.

Pictured: Health staff demonstrate WD electronic health system to Governor Remigo